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  • devotional touch + the magic of erotic massage
  • product review: naturally yours lubricant
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devotional touch + the magic of erotic massage

“What a gift it is to touch someone so intimately – the kind of touch that makes a person happy to be alive. Make someone happy tonight.” -Philip Toshio Sudo, Zen Sex

CC Image Courtesy of Mrs. Logic on Flickr

We need touch.

This is true on a very, very basic level. We’re talking children living or dying based on whether they get enough touch. Yes, that basic.

Strange that it’s not on the usual list of basic survival needs, right? You know: food, water, shelter. Touch should be on there. Yes. That list.

Notice how you feel about (…continue reading)

product review: naturally yours lubricant

(taken by me in my own backyard woo!)


Oh Baby: A decent natural-in-that-technical-sense water-based lube. Good for clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration. Fabulous first time experience.

Hmmm: The flavoured versions don’t taste great (what else is new)! Probably not thick enough for anal, or long-lasting enough for cock-stroking. Packaging a little unsexy for my tastes.

Overall: I’d take it if it’s free – which it was, in exchange for an honest review – but it’s not something I’d go out of my way for. I’d give it a full 5 stars if I got to repeat that first (…continue reading)

hey there new york!

CC Image Courtesy of Linds : ) on Flickr

I’m making my first trip EVER to the Big Apple next week – February 18th to 22nd, woohoo! Can you believe I’ve never been to New York before?!! (Hahaha, knowing me lately I’ll probably wind up hiding in my apartment from the sheer overstimulation of it all.) Let me know if there are things you think I ought to see, and if I don’t get to them this trip, maybe I’ll check them out on my next one.

I’ll be available for a few private sessions while I’m there – (…continue reading)

loving your body as it is

CC Image Courtesy of julien haler on Flickr

Fat. Skinny. Young. Old. Hairy. Wrinkly. What if you could love your body right now, as it is, without changing a thing?

Growing up, I was one of the tallest kids in my class. I learned to slouch, to make myself smaller so I’d take up less space. Later on, in my dating career I pursued people who were thin because that’s what I’d been told was attractive. They either rejected me or, if we did hook up, I worried I would break them. No one was having a good time, (…continue reading)

pleasure heals – part 2

In pleasure heals – part 1 I talked about how stress, anxiety, and general suffering isn’t good for us. Duh! And, now that science is catching up, we’re learning that pleasure IS. Also duh! Your body already knows this, but your mind has probably soaked in all kinds of lies about pleasure, so let me tell your mind a new story. Pleasure can reduce our risk of heart attacks, as well as our heart rate and blood pressure. It boosts our immune system, lengthens our lifespans and helps us think and perform far more creatively and efficiently. It makes us (…continue reading)