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  • devotional touch + the magic of erotic massage
  • product review: naturally yours lubricant
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product review: naturally yours lubricant

(taken by me in my own backyard woo!)


Oh Baby: A decent natural-in-that-technical-sense water-based lube. Good for clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration. Fabulous first time experience.

Hmmm: The flavoured versions don’t taste great (what else is new)! Probably not thick enough for anal, or long-lasting enough for cock-stroking. Packaging a little unsexy for my tastes.

Overall: I’d take it if it’s free – which it was, in exchange for an honest review – but it’s not something I’d go out of my way for. I’d give it a full 5 stars if I got to repeat that first (…continue reading)

book review: the pleasure prescription


When a book uses phrases like “the seventh sense,” ”the third path” and “rational hedonism” it’s got my attention. This book, The Pleasure Prescription by Paul Pearsall, certainly got mine, and in a most unusual way.

At this point, my bookshelves are overflowing with books on sex and intimacy – many of which I have yet to read! Sex, relatonships, intimacy, these are hot topics nowadays and everyone’s got something to say about them… even if what they say isn’t worth listening to. Which is all to say, when I’ve got multiple shelves worth of books to catch (…continue reading)