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hey there new york!

CC Image Courtesy of Linds : ) on Flickr

I’m making my first trip EVER to the Big Apple next week – February 18th to 22nd, woohoo! Can you believe I’ve never been to New York before?!!  (Hahaha, knowing me lately I’ll probably wind up hiding in my apartment from the sheer overstimulation of it all.)  Let me know if there are things you think I ought to see, and if I don’t get to them this trip, maybe I’ll check them out on my next one.

I’ll be available for a few private sessions while I’m there – again, it’s a bit of a whirlwind, just Monday to Friday of next week (Feb 18-22). Contact me for details and we can craft an out-of-town coaching package that’s right for you.

And for those of in Seattle, stay tuned for my next Seattle workshop on March 14th at the CSPC, exactly one month from today. (Pssst, I heard it might have something to do with erotic massage…)

And Happy V-Day everyone!