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product review: naturally yours lubricant

(taken by me in my own backyard woo!)

Oh Baby: A decent natural-in-that-technical-sense water-based lube. Good for clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration.  Fabulous first time experience.

Hmmm: The flavoured versions don’t taste great (what else is new)!   Probably not thick enough for anal, or long-lasting enough for cock-stroking.  Packaging a little unsexy for my tastes.

Overall: I’d take it if it’s free – which it was, in exchange for an honest review – but it’s not something I’d go out of my way for.  I’d give it a full 5 stars if I got to repeat that first time, though: that’d be some badass lube!

The first time I used naturally yours I came three times within twenty minutes.

Yep. It’s true – I’m not generally a quick comer and multiples are also rare, so this was kind of a big deal.  Pretty nice start to my first ever product review, huh?

Now, I suspect the triple-comer was a fluke – though I know if I were reading this, I’d run out and buy a bottle just in case I got the same results.   I’ve tried the lube several times since but it’s back to the usual.  Still, a pretty stellar introduction to “naturally yours!”  Maybe I’ll keep it beside my bed as a good luck charm.

Some things I like.

Besides the triple orgasm?  ”naturally yours” has a great consistency for a water-based lube – which, aside from coconut oil is the only kind of lubricant I’d want near my cunt.  I like how “naturally yours” stays slick over time – especially useful for those of us who frequently use lube on our clits while masturbating with a Hitachi Magic Wand.  (I will admit to getting particularly irritable every time I have to interrupt a masturbation session because the lube’s dry.)  I’d say it’s not thick enough to use for anal, but perfectly fine for vaginal sex and great for the clit.

I like that Nature Labs has included carrageenan and L-lysine in the ingredients: studies point to carrageenan being a helper in reducing transmission of STIs like herpes and HSV, and L-lysine helps reduce likelihood of a herpes outbreak.  I have no idea if it actually works  – would you have to smear it in vast quantities all over your genitals to be effective?  Still, it’s a nice idea.

Some things I question.

I like the pH balancing for happy vaginas, paraben/dea/glycerin/petroleum free, vegan and kosher certified, all that good stuff.  (The “kosher” bit fascinates me, but I digress.)

I’m all for natural ingredients, but let’s be clear: I have access to the interwebs but I’m not a chemist.  I kinda have to trust that when Nature Labs says things like “propanediol” is natural, they know what they’re talking about (unless they place the common name in brackets next to it, which brands like Sliquid do).  I also don’t know if I’d include preservatives like “sodium benzoate” in a so-called “natural” product.  Again, not a chemist, but what can I say?  I’m not keen on  just trusting companies on the “natural” thing.

Let’s be honest: the packaging wigs me out.

In the world of sexy, I want to look over at my lube and feel a little lusty – y’know, sensual colours, “natural” design if it’s making those claims… that kind of thing.  This is important for me, just like I don’t want to stick ugly/unappealing dildos up inside me (that’s a topic for another post!).  With the “naturally yours” line from Nature Labs the shape is pretty freaking phallic, like a dildo waiting to happen (ha, lube + dildo in one!).  The top pops up and the lube squirts out in what seems remarkably like ejaculate.  Then you pop the top back down and there’s a little spot of lube left, almost like precum.  Is imagining ejaculate as lube sexy to me?  Hmmm.  Do I want to stick the whole thing inside me?  I keep thinking about it.  But the colours, shape etc. scream corporate slickness to me, not happy nature fun.

The koala “woo woo” flavoured lube with its honey bear shape is freaking hilarious, by contrast.  Not necessarily sexy, and doesn’t necessarily scream “natural,” but I already have a few friends who want to take it off my hands based on the awesomeness alone.  Job well done, guys.

My final thoughts?

If you just gotta see if your first experience is the same as mine, or if you’ve been looking for a longer-lasting water-based lube, give it a try.  Especially if the idea of natural (let’s just call it “more natural”) lubes intrigues you.